“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.” ― William Cowper

When looking over the work that Metro Signs has output over the last 3-4 months this statement rings true for us.

Along side the major projects such as 7-Eleven and Seventh Day Adventist identification pylon signs there is a plethora of various projects that have kept our interest sharp and quality levels high on all work. Some examples are shown here, from left to right;

  1. BMW Melbourne under awning sign – not the easiest build or install – adapting connection brackets to fit a sign over 10 mtrs in length,
  2. Cremorne LED Advertising screen – 6 x 4 mtrs – with a internal maintenance walk way frame fixing to building,
  3. Ritchies IGA – plenty of colourful large format digital prints and tricky boutique stall signs
  4. UNIHILL Church – Fascia Identification sign – bold, colourful and crisp, clear building graphics

All work comes with permits where required and our signature quality, peace of mind installation to client satisfaction sign-off.