Recent sign, install photos – examples of our case in point!

Teamwork is an interesting one for us at Metro Signs. Each of us is highly qualified in at least one or two areas of the signage industry, some more so – this then is broken down as we move out of our ‘experience shells’ as each project dictates to create a unity around the work required. Sometimes we need to remind each other of this in relation to the successes we have achieved and sometimes to maintain the focus on work in train.

Regardless of management intervention or encouragement in this – teamwork works at the end of the day and the results can be seen in the level of finish we can show in product and solution provided to the client.

For us it is part of the concept of ‘mateship’ often referred to in a joking sense yet we are sure that the people we work close to have our back and we can rely on them to give us a smile or go that extra bit to get things through…. this is observable from the top level leadership, right through.