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At Metro Signs we utilise our purpose built state of the art facilities to manage every aspect of each project in-house. This enables us to ensure total quality control with one point of contact throughout your project.

Our turnkey service provides you with everything you’d expect from an industry leading ‘end to end’ supplier:
What makes Metro Signs different, however, is the consistently outstanding quality of our work.

Quality Assurance

At Metro Signs, we uphold the pinnacle of industry quality standards, boasting accreditation to the esteemed ISO9001 international standard and authorisation to proudly display the prestigious Quality Assurance mark.

With three decades of dedicated experience, we have continually honed our knowledge and expertise to stay at the forefront of the market, setting benchmarks in both product design and service excellence.

No matter the scope of your needs, Metro Signs seamlessly oversees the entire process, ensuring the delivery of your signage project with unmatched quality and backed by reliable service and support you can depend on.

Brands trust our quality assurance

For major brands and companies, safeguarding their brand integrity is paramount, considering the substantial investment they made in its establishment. When it comes to projecting these brands to the public, through signage, maintaining integrity and delivering intended impact are non-negotiable.

Given the prominent and enduring nature of most sign installations, the quality and durability of manufacturing and installation must endure the test of time. Your choice of sign manufacturer will determine what people associate with your brand on-site for years to come. If you make the wrong choice, subpar quality of your signage will impact your brand and budget long after installation.

To safeguard your brand and ensure top-tier quality at every stage, from material selection to final installation, partnering with an experienced sign company boasting both expertise and ISO9001 Quality Assured Accreditation is imperative.

Don’t jeopardise your brand by choosing lower quality signage, opt for a manufacturer with ISO9001 accreditation for confidence and assurance in delivering your project to the exacting standards you demand. Choose wisely and join the ranks of discerning clients who prioritise excellence and choose Metro Signs.

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