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Established in 1991, Metro Signs emerged as a pioneering force in the signage industry, specialising in illuminated and electronic signage solutions. Our seasoned expertise encompasses the entire signage process, from innovative design and seamless project management to precision manufacturing and hassle-free installation. You can rely on our unparalleled insight, expert guidance, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to actualise signage solutions that captivate both day and night, whether for a singular location or a nationwide rollout.
What sets Metro Signs apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We adhere to the highest industry standards, holding accreditation to the esteemed ISO9001 international standard and boasting authorisation to showcase the prestigious Quality Assurance mark. Elevate your brand presence with Metro Signs—the epitome of quality and innovation in signage manufacturing.
What we do

Metro Signs can handle every aspect in-house, ensuring total quality control.

Discover the unparalleled versatility of Metro Signs, your preferred destination for in-house designed and manufactured signage solutions tailored to all applications, regardless of scale.

As an innovative organisation in the signage industry, Metro Signs specialises in cutting-edge illuminated and electronic signage solutions. From initial design/concepts to seamless project management and flawless manufacturing and installation, Metro Signs offers comprehensive services to meet all your signage needs.

Leverage our unmatched expertise, personalised guidance, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to realise signage solutions that command attention day and night, whether for a singular location or nationwide multi-site initiatives. Trust Metro Signs for signage solutions that exceed expectations.

Experience our comprehensive signage design service, dedicated to delivering innovative, cost-effective, and practical solutions tailored to your unique signage needs.
Our meticulous approach involves preparing detailed drawings encompassing every aspect of the signage design journey. From initial concept and artist impressions to precise engineering specifications for construction and installation, we leave no detail overlooked. Moreover, our cutting-edge technology offers you the opportunity to virtually inspect your signage on-site before production commences. With detailed imaging and immersive 3D visualisations, your project comes to life right on ‘the drawing board’.


Metro Signs employs cutting-edge hardware and software to transform your signage visions into reality.

Our facility boasts state-of-the-art technology encompassing a diverse range of processes, including pylon construction, metal welding; steel, aluminium & plastic fabrication, vacuum forming, computer-controlled routing, LED illumination, large format digital printing, spray painting, and vinyl cutting.

With an in-house team comprised of skilled metal fabricators, painters, vinyl and acrylic specialists, and electricians, we ensure your signs are crafted to achieve maximum impact. Committed to excellence, we manufacture to the highest industry standards, holding accreditation to the internationally recognised ISO9001:2015 quality assurance standard.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to designing and constructing aluminium extrusions and profiles tailored to specific projects. All moulding and tooling are meticulously crafted and rigorously tested in-house to meet exacting standards. Explore the possibilities with Metro Signs—we care about the precision and quality in signage manufacturing.

Transform your signage vision into reality with Metro Signs’ seamless and professional installation, scheduling, and implementation services.

Whether it’s the precision removal or strategic repositioning of signage at a single site installation or the execution of the most expansive national branding roll outs, our dedicated team ensures every project runs like clockwork.

Our seasoned project management professionals collaborate closely with engineers, local councils, and planning authorities to navigate even the most intricate and demanding installation projects, guaranteeing on-time and on-budget completion.

Rest assured, every installation meets and exceeds industry standards, as we uphold strict Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) procedures at every site, adhere to all Australian standards, and maintain rigorous oversight through our stringent total quality control process. Choose Metro Signs for flawless execution and unparalleled professionalism in every installation.

Project Management
Experience the convenience of a seamless partnership with Metro Signs as we seamlessly integrate with your management team, overseeing every aspect of your signage project from inception to completion.
Metro Signs offers a comprehensive turnkey service, providing a single point of contact for streamlined communication. Your dedicated project manager will serve as your primary liaison, offering valuable information and guidance throughout the process. They will meticulously monitor the progress of your project, ensuring alignment with your specifications, brief, and the critical path established during the planning phase.

Quality Assurance

At Metro Signs, we uphold the pinnacle of industry quality standards, boasting accreditation to the esteemed ISO9001 international standard.

To safeguard your brand and ensure top-tier quality at every stage, from material selection to final installation, partnering with an experienced sign company boasting both expertise and ISO9001 Quality Assured Accreditation is imperative.

Don’t jeopardise your brand by choosing lower quality signage, opt for a manufacturer with ISO9001 accreditation for confidence and assurance in delivering your project to the exacting standards you demand. Choose wisely and join the ranks of discerning clients who prioritise excellence and choose Metro Signs.

Our Products

Discover Metro Signs, a seasoned and forward-thinking leader in signage design, manufacturing, and installation.

Our specialisation lies in cutting-edge illuminated and electronic signage solutions, ensuring your brand stands out in any setting.

From concept to completed products, Metro Signs excels in every facet of the signage journey. Harness our wealth of expertise, tailored guidance, and advanced manufacturing capabilities to craft dynamic signage solutions that leave a lasting impression, whether for a singular location or nationwide multi-site initiatives.

Unlock the potential of 24/7 brand visibility with Metro Signs—your trusted partner for premium signage solutions.

Pylon Signs

Captivate passing traffic with our attention-grabbing pylon signs, a highly effective solution for enhancing visibility and providing advance notice of your location to visitors.

LED Signs

Elevate your brand presence with custom business signs designed for seamless nationwide rollouts or individual locations. Experience top-tier manufacturing, design, and installation of LED signs tailored to your specifications at Metro Signs.

Fascia Signs

From basic to advanced options, Metro Signs offers comprehensive design, manufacturing, and installation services for fascia signs tailored to your budget and specifications.

Direction & Wayfinding Signs

Gain the attention of passing traffic with impactful directional & wayfinding signs, strategically positioned to provide ease of direction for your customers or visitors.

Reception Signs

Unlock limitless options for your reception sign/s with Metro Signs—whether individual letters, acrylic plates, stainless finishes, or beyond. Our custom manufacturing ensures tailored solutions for even the most intricate logos, delivering results that exceed expectations.

Digital Printing

Explore the power of digital printing technology at Metro Signs, where we can magnify any image to larger-than-life proportions. Offering a cost-effective solution, our digital printing services enable full-colour prints to elevate your image and boost customer awareness.

Church Signs

Discover our expertise in crafting high-quality signage for churches, utilising a diverse selection of premium materials and techniques to deliver optimal solutions at cost effective prices.

Moulded Signs

Unlock the potential of plastic moulding for flawless branding signage with Metro Signs. Ideal for seamless finishes and national sign programs requiring logo and branding integration, our advanced plastic moulding capabilities utilise vacuum formers and press moulds to perfectly reproduce any design.

Quality Assurance

What makes Metro Signs different is the consistently outstanding quality of our work. We manufacture to the highest standards in the industry, with accreditation to the international standard ISO9001 and authorisation to use the prestigious Quality Assurance mark.
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