Volkswagen Case Study

Following the awarding of the Skoda CI programme, Volkswagen Group Australia contracted MetroSigns as the sole supplier of all Volkswagen signage nationally in early 2008. Indicating a high level of satisfaction with the products and services provided with the Skoda launch, VGA were happy to get MetroSigns on board to project manage all signage works across their large dealer network numbering almost 80.

In 2008 Volkswagen Group Australia requested MetroSigns survey every dealership nationally and provide a report on the current secondary signage. Due to a high number of low quality and non-standard signs, MetroSigns was asked to provide new signs for the entire network.

Too long have the standard Volkswagen pylon signs been limited to a height of 4.5m. With the pylons of most other brands ‘dwarfing’ those of Volkswagen, VGA requested that MetroSigns manufacture 25 new 7m and 10m pylons, and find homes for these by way of Council Development Applications.

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